Battery springs are also important for industrial applications. The design is extremely difficult, especially in selection of materials, though it appears quite easy. Taking into consideration specific needs of the product (such as salt spray test) and number of spring forming before deciding on the material is highly recommended.


    Materials like nickel-plated wires, piano wires or stainless steel wires are commonly available; each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, stainless steel wires are less conductive but they are not rusty and require no surface plating. Nickel wires are plated before or after forming. Nickel wires need no further plating; it saves the trouble of tangling in the process but results in inferior soldering. On the other hand, springs plated after forming appear shinier because of better soldering while tangling remains a significant problem on the assembly line. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to proper selection of wires.

A proper specification design helps create a good spring durable and resistant to fatigue. We provide assistance to our customers from designs, samples, production and shipping. We are always serious in production and thoughtful in services. (Call us at: 02 -22868885)





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